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  Bangkok FINE Seafood & Champagne Bar


At “OYSTERMAN” we are serving variety selections of fresh oyster, Mediterranean crustacean & wild fish. The Seafood & Champagne bar is now open for dining and take away. We really look forward to seeing you soon.

A haven for fresh oysters, grilled fish and steaks from around the Mediterranean and has been under the watchful eye from Bangkok restaurateur heavy weight . The Oyster Bar is relaxed, witty but serious about seafood. Our oyster men have been chucks over thousand of oysters. Take your seat for a feast like no other. Our restaurant group has long history of excellence.


OYSTERMAN is located in Sukhumvit 49 & Sathon 10, Open from midday to midnight. The restaurant offers bar dining where you can watch our oyster man chucking your preferred oyster while selecting your favorite Champagne producer from over 40 Champagne label from the cellar. The menu reflects its classic, the finest wild fish and shellfish dishes alongside a variety of french classic recipes.